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Tech Startup Advisory Services

Bad Wolf Consulting helps founders navigate the unique challenges of growing an early stage tech company.

Early Stage Company Challenges

Starting and growing an early stage company presents unique challenges. Success requires not only a great product or service, but also determining the right go-to-market strategy, building sales channels, marketing, fundraising, and hiring a great team.

Each founding team has its strengths, but few have expertise in all areas of managing and growing a new business. Bad Wolf Consulting has the expertise to help.

Go To Market Strategy & Sales

Many company founders come from an engineering background. This often provides a creative edge and a technically superior product. However, developing a Go-To-Market strategy, building a sales team and achieving consistent sales results is often a challenge for founders. Even founders with a strong background in sales often struggle to drive revenue within the context of a startup.

Startups require a unique approach when trying to land the initial few customers. Sales practices utilized at large enterprises don’t always transfer to a new business trying to attract its first customers or scale their business from initial revenue to sustainable growth.

Let us put our experience to work for you. We can help determine the right Go-To-Market strategy, create a sales process and building a sales team, set pricing strategy, or defining the right target market.

Strategy & Fundraising

Fundraising is a critical focus for the CEO of any early stage company. Building a pitch deck, knowing who to pitch to, and what to focus on are critical for fundraising. Building metrics that present a compelling story requires a business plan with razor focus.  We can help you succeed.

Managing a startup demands strategic decisions be made and implemented in an efficient manner.  Some of these decisions fit squarely within the expertise of the founders, but others will not. Few founding teams have deep expertise in all areas. Seasoned leaders and teams know how important it is to bring in an outside perspective.

We provide feedback based on real-world experience with early stage companies. Determining how much to invest in engineers vs. marketing and sales, who to partner with, what opportunities to prioritize and what opportunities to ignore are all critical questions that you don’t have to answer alone.

Technical Marketing & PR

Building a great product is just one step in creating a great company. You have to find a way to not only tell your story, but ensure the right people hear your story. Getting noticed is difficult in a noisy environment.

Many startups struggle with a communication gap between engineering, marketing, and sales. It is also a challenge to educate the market on the capabilities of your technology. You have built a unique product, it is critical to clearly articulate its value to the market

At Bad Wolf Consulting, we have a deep technical background, coupled with an ability to communicate, that sets us apart.

We can build a PR plan, create technical documents, and help elevate your presence in a noisy marketplace. We also have decades of industry experience and have built an extensive network of contacts. Let us open doors for you. 

Experienced Entrepreneur

Alan Grau is a proven entrepreneur and technology executive with experience leading companies focused on cybersecurity, IoT, embedded software solutions, and Post Quantum Cryptography.

Alan Grau was co-founder & CEO of Icon Labs, a leading provider of security software for IoT and embedded devices. He was also the architect of Icon Labs’ award-winning Floodgate Firewall. Icon Labs was named a 2014 Gartner “Cool Vendor” and 2015 Gartner “Select Vendor” focused on creating The Internet of Secure Things by providing security solutions for even the smallest IoT devices.

With a successful exit and fundraising experience under his belt, Alan has the unique skills and expertise to help you grow your startup. He has held executive positions in sales, marketing, product management, and engineering at multiple startups, scale-ups, and PE-backed companies.  

Rodney Weaver

Sr. Business Development Manager, IoT Security

I have had the privilege of working closely with Alan, and it has been incredibly rewarding. His unwavering drive, relentless determination, and inspiring vision have consistently impressed me. His remarkable technical knowledge enables him to navigate complex challenges. Alan possesses exceptional communication skills, effortlessly articulating his vision. What sets Alan apart is his remarkable ability to turn ideas into actionable plans, consistently delivering outstanding results. Without hesitation, I endorse Alan and hope to work with him in the future.

Killian Tobin

CEO & Founder, Omega Grid

Alan advised me during the very early stages of creating Omega Grid, and he is not only incredible experienced and smart, he is also one of the calmest people I’ve met. His knowledge and experience across technology, marketing, strategy, and sales was critical in launching my product and finding my first customers. He had a way of adding value wherever I needed help. He is always clear in his guidance, gives pragmatic and intelligent advice, and is able to understand the larger context.

Terry Dunlap

Co-Founder & CEO, ReFirm Labs

Alan was an invaluable resource for me while scaling ReFirms Labs. breadth and depth of knowledge were priceless in advising me through the many challenges of a fast-growing software business. He also provided our fledgling company, ReFirm Labs, with the technical content necessary for blogs and white papers. We viewed Alan as an extension of our in-house technical expertise and marketing team. I don’t know if Alan’s efforts directly affected Microsoft acquiring our company. But I do know it didn’t hurt!

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